06 February 2008

Montrose Adventure Theory

The Montrose Adventure Theory Club
Artists discussing Art.

MAT#1: figuring out why you DON’T like something is at least as important as figuring out why you DO like something.

Let's take cartoons... we all like 'em, but what I don't like is straight-to-dvd animated movies. The production values are inferior, of course, but what specific production values make it bad? The lack of movement fluidity, the limited colour palette, the lack of well integrated background art, poor sound design, bad dialogue...

This can be applied to Soap Operas as well. What's makes them so bad? The overhead lighting, the lack of camera movement (only zooms), poor sound design, bad dialogue...

Now what about the sound design, for instance... why is it bad? how can it be better? is it technology, or time/effort that truly makes it better? how can we incorporate these ideas for better quality in our own work?

This are the kind of questions we should be asking ourselves and other artists. with real and honest and helpful answers. and don't be afraid to not know something, to not have "an opinion" on something... but be honest about not knowing! and always, always be willing to find out the answers.

Let the adventure begin!