23 June 2010

day 6 (before classes): a homework & an activity...

ugh. tired.

partial homework


drew and drew


more art (not-for-school)

...and my dad got married the weekend before last.
her name is betty.  she's a nurse.  they live in pearland.
they're very happy.

as am I.

07 June 2010

day 1: SUPER tired.

home again, home again, jiggity jig.

classes were fine. just overview. normal first day stuff. I apparently don't have many art supplies for 'drawing'. some design homework for wednesday---20 thumbnail-sized, close-up 'line drawings' from observation-not imagination.

ANYWAY, summerfest was yesterday AND the day before (Girltalk was best!)... and I have to go to work overnight in a few hours... I'm so very tired... and drew keeps threatening to eat my shoes unless I take him for a w-a-l-k. siiiiiiigh, brb. ...okay, I'm back. it's humid and grey out.

so it's 4 o-clock... I could take a two-and-a-half-hour nap. ...but I'll have to set every alarm in my conapt just to make sure I wake up (there are 3). at least I can do my homework tonight at work. tomorrow I'll check my supplies, and get new things I 'need'. AND tomorrow evening is the el rincon social crit class!

okay, I'm gonna nap.

ps - complete fail on finishing ANY of my 3 paintings. LAME. I'll have to make a post about motivation & procrastination soon. ha.