07 June 2010

day 1: SUPER tired.

home again, home again, jiggity jig.

classes were fine. just overview. normal first day stuff. I apparently don't have many art supplies for 'drawing'. some design homework for wednesday---20 thumbnail-sized, close-up 'line drawings' from observation-not imagination.

ANYWAY, summerfest was yesterday AND the day before (Girltalk was best!)... and I have to go to work overnight in a few hours... I'm so very tired... and drew keeps threatening to eat my shoes unless I take him for a w-a-l-k. siiiiiiigh, brb. ...okay, I'm back. it's humid and grey out.

so it's 4 o-clock... I could take a two-and-a-half-hour nap. ...but I'll have to set every alarm in my conapt just to make sure I wake up (there are 3). at least I can do my homework tonight at work. tomorrow I'll check my supplies, and get new things I 'need'. AND tomorrow evening is the el rincon social crit class!

okay, I'm gonna nap.

ps - complete fail on finishing ANY of my 3 paintings. LAME. I'll have to make a post about motivation & procrastination soon. ha.

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ViewedThroughPrada said...

Perhaps you can make a new goal of June 22nd. Don't give up. Summerfest was worth the tiredness. Sans the fact you let me suffer with that creep for half an hour. Real winner. Anyway, what's with the parentheticals? For the supplies. I'm glad you're liking your semester :)