17 March 2011

and now for something slightly different...

...i've joined the performance art workshop hosted by julia (claire wallace)!

the first meeting was cool. introduced ourselves, meditated, did some performance exercises (i toppled things, then stacked things), then we broke into groups (men & women) and made lists-o-things, then we created a performance from the list. the guy's performance was very male and primal... a death ritual. the women's performance was very feminine and sweet... swinging and singing.

there's a video on our facebook group page. (or not)

i also cut my hair, and am growing a beard.

still no job.

visiting chicago in 3 weeks.

SLOWLY doing some paintings... eh... a masked face, and an abstract composition.

downloaded lots of music recently. david bowie, bjork, jack white's aluminum album, animal collective, anamanaguchi, polysics, the animals, the stooges, the troggs, brmc, ccr, cut copy, datsik, eminem, the kills, metric, mstrkrft, neil young, nicki manaj, nirvana, patsy cline, the postal service, radiohead's new album (it's just alright... too similar and too short), ray charles, smashmouth, the walkmen, roy orbinson, them crooked vultures, simon and garfunkel, the hives, aesop rock, enon, explosions in the sky, broken social scene, the blow, and mirah.    

...i wish my ipod had more space.