27 May 2010

Goal: 3 paintings in 12 days.

Classes start in twelve days.  I want to finish the last three of my recent paintings.

...and after one session...

...so yeah.  yay art.

It doesn't look like much, but it's a step.  There's more grey & brown (payne's gray+titanium+cad red light) on the flower & the forest.  And I shaped up the the ny skyline w/ grey+cerulean+prussian blue+gold yellow... used two different brushes too (a cut round & a filbert).

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ViewedThroughPrada said...

Wow! I'm REALLY, REALLY liking the skyline! I'm still waiting for that flower one to grow on me. Or at least for the papers to be removed so I can see the entire thing. I'm glad you enhanced the color around the little flowers, I think that'll make a great difference.