16 January 2011

no time like now

sooooo how long has it been now?   well anyway, I finished the semester.  I totally loved personal mythology class, especially with a great breakthrough on the final.  I even learned to like the painting IA class.  I'll have to take some photos of those paintings.... BUT I can post my stuff from my myth final.

I enjoyed setting up the photo for death/life/time (the third one) (a good use of my art direction skills).  it was also fun (though sometimes embarrassing) to jump in the air in front of the byzantine chapel (the fifth one).

I also recently went to my hometown, and visited my mom's grave.

this one isn't a collage like the others, but I like the continuation of the 'art direction'.  I took other photos that I will collage later/soon.

these are breakthroughs because during class I was focusing on characters I created, (a sasquatch, a wizard, a familiar, and a creature) and it was VERY difficult to relate myth THROUGH them, as opposed to just using them IN a myth.  that sounds easier than it was.  but whatevs.  this works MUCH better.

I'll post pics of paintings later.

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