07 April 2011

mini blog: chicago, day I

Today is Wednesday, and I'm in Chicago with the gf...
Got up around 630 in the morning, flew away at 1020, in the hotel at 245, ate pizza, shopped, pic'd Gehry's thing, and finally sat down again at an Sbux by 634, then saw a robot opera at the Harris Theater at 730.

Death And The Powers was incredible, BUT it was just the beginning of a question... it ended with such a cliffhanger, I wanted (and expected) it to go into another act or two. It's about a man, Simon Powers, who puts his consciousness into digital, and thus immortal, form. It culminates in a tragic but 'powerful' debate between father and daughter over so many things, but centrally suffering and what it is to be human.
The mythology is great, and deft for our millennium, but it didn't really say anything more... other than that the digital transformation happens to everyone eventually, and the ritual of retelling the story is repeated without the understanding of death or suffering ('cus they're robots).
I guess what I wanted was more explanation of the mythology of the robots, other than occluded repetition... but I guess that's not any different than what happens now. yay ritual & myth.
Oh, and the technology used was amazing.

After we recuperated, and uploaded pics, we went looking for food... almost everything closes between 9 and 11... BUT we found a tasty Irish pub around the corner (the Emerald Loop). We'll probably eat there again (and maybe again) this week.

Chicago is pretty cool. I'd consider moving here if it weren't so cold and grungy. (and "too dangerous to be out after dark.")

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