09 April 2011

mini blog: chicago, day III

Mmmmmm..... another day. Up at 11, stopped to eat pizza at Lou Malnati's on the way to the Shedd aquarium. The waitress at Lou's misheard/misunderstood me and brought us the wrong pizza... and it sucked hardcore. BUT I did have the best salad ever. ever. (and she didn't charge us for the pizza)
The aquarium was crowded and disappointing.
It was cold and foggy/misty/rainy AGAIN.
But we didn't argue at all. ...maybe we'll win the Amazing Race afterall.

OH!!! Yesterday, my brother got tickets on my scooter!!!!!! I've driven that thing around for three years and was never pulled over for anything! He has it for a day, and boom... two tickets. Ugh.

Anyway... we went back to the hotel to rest and find a steakhouse. We went to Sullivan's and it was derishious! The best scallops ever. ever.  (two best things in one day!?!?) We had oysters (raw AND rockefeller), iceberg lettuce wedge (with blue cheeseiness!!), martini's (orange and blueberry), au gratin potatoes, and banana fosters bread pudding.... I still can hardly move.

Not much else. Watched some tv, read some of a book. Wrote this.

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