08 April 2011

mini blog: chicago, day II

Got up at noon, showered, ate leftovers, planned itinerary. metro'd to an intersection of galleries, took a cab to their contemporary art museum--they had a retrospective on Jim Nutt!! I JUST discovered him, and didn't realize he would be showing here... awesome! Ate some sushi at the 'only' Japanese sushi place (most of the rest are Thai, apparently.), went to the Art Institute and saw their modern wing (not as impressive), their new tapestries (which were impressive), a watercolor exhibit, and then rushed through the impressionist and classical art sections before they closed.
Drank more sbux.
It started raining, so we took a cab to the AMC North Riverside, and watched Insidious... it was inventive, but cheesyish, thought it got better.
Ate (again) at the Emerald Loop--halved a curry burger, and drank a cider.

Yet another busyish day... lots of walking, and a bit of arguing.
I don't think we'd win The Amazing Race.

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