11 April 2011

mini blog: chicago, day IIIII

Last full day.
Woke up around noon (again), and climbed a building.
There's a vacant building next to our hotel, and I wanted to climb the fire escape to the roof so I could take a photo of Monica in our hotel room. So I did it.
I also bruised my left ring toe when I landed badly from a jump to the ground after all my adventuring.

Then we walked to Gino's East for pizza. Best deep dish pizza ever. ever. Then we walked to H&M (their north location), I got a blazer for myself, and some tee shirts for my brothers. We tried to go to the zoo, but got there too late. Went back to hotel to rest, and Googled a crepe place... walked there and it was closed. As was most other shops and such. Sunday 6pm... sheesh. Stopped at Johnny Rockets for burger/hotdog/malts.
Got snacks and drinks at the Emerald Loop (again), but left early 'cus it was so freaking muggy and warm inside... and someone nearby ordered tuna fish. Yuk.
Monica's worst day. She was grumpy and humid. "We didn't have a vacation, we just traveled. I wish we planned a day of just nothing."

Tops list:
1) Jim Nutt 2) Climbing Adventure 3) Robot Opera 4) Architecture 5) Shopping (on Saturday)
1) Scallops at Sullivan's 2) Salad at Lou Malnati's 3) Pizza at Gino's East 4) Udon at Kamahachi

for Monica:
1) Shopping on Saturday 2) Museum of Contemporary Art 3) Insidious 4) Sullivan's 5) Architecture 6) Gino's East

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