12 April 2011

mini blog: chicago, day IIIIII

Hoooooommmmme! The grass in Texas has a certain color to it. I can usually tell.
Anyway, hardly slept the night before, don't know why... maybe because it was really warm in the room... so I took a two hour shower and still didn't fall asleep...

We woke up earlier than normal (10am, instead of noon), because we needed to check out of the hotel.... but neither of us slept well, and were SUPER tired... so we lounged and packed until 12, then checked out. We ate a crowded cafe (I was grumpy), and decided to skip the science museum and just go to the airport early and nap there. AND we ended up catching an early flight home! (although we nearly missed it because I misread the ticket, and went to gate B22, for seat B2... when it was the other way around... yay dyslexia.)

Andrew was so happy to see me!

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